What is the composition of interlining? What's the difference between woven interlining and non-wove

What is interlining? What is the composition of interlining? Interlining, also known as fusible interlining, is mainly used for neckline, sleeve, bag sealing, skirt belt, hem and breast of suit. It is generally coated with thermosol. According to the difference of elastic fabric, the key of adhesive interlining is divided into spinning interlining and non-woven interlining.

1、 Non woven interlining is a kind of cloth that has not experienced textiles.

The basic principle of processing technology: the chemical fiber viscose through high temperature, high pressure to produce needle punched non-woven fabric. Then after coating machine on the surface of needle punched non-woven fabric layer of hot sol, and then after air drying, we have a common non-woven interlining.

Operation method: put the adhesive side of the lining on the cloth, and then use the bonding machine or electric iron to heat up to dissolve the glue on the lining, so as to achieve the actual effect of bonding on the cloth.

Features: low price, soft touch, but not very washable (water temperature will be regulated, normally only under 70 ℃)

2、 There are spinning interlining, the general machinery and equipment is the key bar loom and water jet loom, polyester fabric based on textiles made of needle punched non-woven fabric.

The elastic fabric with spinning interlining is divided into woven or knitwear, which is also called plain knitwear. The plain knitwear is generally divided into two kinds, double side elastic knitwear interlining and four side elastic knitwear interlining. The width of interlining is generally 110cm and 150cm.

Now the PA coating is used for the spun interlining. Before, the powder glue was put on the market. Its characteristics are large amount of glue, simple production process, and large amount of glue, so it is very easy to cause glue penetration. Now it has already been eliminated.

No base liquid slurry two point processing technology, its characteristic is that the clamping force is very easy to operate, strong adhesion characteristics, washable and other solutions. Now it is used by most manufacturers. The characteristics of spun interlining are strong tensile resistance, good ductility and washability.