Selection, performance and application of adhesive interlining

The wide application of adhesive interlining has become a key mark of contemporary clothing technology. It can not only simplify the production of clothing, improve productivity, reduce product costs, but also mainly show the design style and the level of the contemporary clothing, and show the beautiful and generous design and comfortable clothing for customers. Let's get the adhesive lining together!

1、 Selection of adhesive interlining

1. The adhesive interlining fabric is divided into three types: non - Anti - cloth, woven fabric machine and knitting fabric. Non woven adhesive interlining has the advantages of no wrinkle, stable specification, no shrinkage cleaning, etc.; the knitted yarn adhesive liner is firmly bonded with the fabric, in which the interlining with less close material is soft and the closely material is relatively firm, which can be used according to the needs; because of its elasticity and hanging, the woven fabric can also be used to sew flexible textile.

2. The common colors of adhesive interlining are: milky white, light grey, medium grey, dark grey and gray black. In winter, dark brown cloth can be selected according to the processing process, or light color system; however, when the thin textile fabric adopts adhesive interlining in summer, it is necessary to select the adhesive liner similar to the color of the cloth.

2、 The characteristics of bonded interlining

1. It can be firmly bonded with fabric, and after bonding, the touch is soft and full of firmness and elasticity.

2. The bonding temperature is low and shrinkage can be harmonious with the fabric.

3. When cutting, the interlining cloth is not glued to each other or cut scissors.

4. It does not harm the pathological properties of clothing, such as air permeability and heat permeability.

3、 Application of adhesive liner

Before application, adhesive liner should be tested on three levels of auxiliary materials, cloth and equipment.

1. Cloth and liner stick together, maintaining the same variability is essential. Therefore, when applying knitting yarn to bond the liner, it is important that the silk thread of fabric and liner should be consistent regardless of the bonding position.

2. When measuring the shrinkage of the adhesive liner, the adhesion test shall be carried out according to the normal standard as far as possible. From the perspective of characteristics, even if the shrinkage of the adhesive lining is measured, it is not true to match the lining with the cloth; because of different fabrics and different carding of the cloth, the shrinkage rate is not consistent, so when the adhesive interlining and cloth are bonded together, then the shrinkage rate can be measured before the proper data information can be obtained.

3. The adhesive liner is divided into two types: manual production and equipment bonding, and equipment bonding is divided into two types: continuous adhesive machine friendship press adhesive. But to bond the adhesive liner with the fabric firmly, we should grasp the three factors, temperature, working pressure and time.