About the use of clothing interlining.

Interlining is often used in our daily clothes. Let's talk about the operation of interlining.

Practical effect of clothing

1. The suit is tall, careful, and has a strong creation of the corridor. It is thicker in the selection of cloth. It mostly uses materials, blended fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics. In the production process, often large-scale use of interlining to thicken, shape, in order to achieve the actual effect of the required shape design.

2. Casual clothing is light and casual. Cotton, hemp and silk products are mostly used in the fabric. In the production process, the layered sense of raw materials should be maintained as much as possible, such as the free and easy silk fabric. This kind of clothing uses less interlining, most of which are partially used or even unnecessary.

3. Clothing is close to suit and casual wear in the middle, following the trend of a clothing. It not only has the sense of the corridor of the suit, but also has the popular elements of casual wear. It is more flexible and casual in material selection, mainly based on the intention of the interior designer. In the production process, often choose a small total area with lining to achieve the actual effect of internal stiffness and external flexibility.

Operation method of clothing interlining

1. In general, non-woven lining does not need carding. If there is yarn bending in the spinning lining, it is necessary to carry out the correction by oblique pulling; if the lining edge is too tight, it is necessary to make some wounds or cut off the edge of the lining; if there is a stretch part, it is necessary to use the steam jet to comb and level, and it can not be combed immediately because of the iron.

2. When cutting the interlining, because there are adhesive particles on one side of the interlining, the adhesive surface should be retracted in the interlining. For large-scale application of interlining, the pattern of interlining clothing should be made well first, and the interlining of small items can be cut immediately with the pattern of cloth clothing, such as bag cover, collar, trip, etc.

Practical application of clothing interlining

1. Application of clothing interlining in three side Clothing

The three side structure is used in men's casual wear and women's professional wear. It has the structural characteristics of strong veranda. This kind of clothing is often used with textile lining to make it straight, and it is not easy to deform after wearing.

2. Application of clothing interlining in oblique Silk Long Sleeve Dress

The occurrence of oblique cutting technology is to make full use of the cool function and hanging property of oblique silk cloth, which makes the curve of human body present. But in the production process, it is very easy to deform and endanger the overall actual effect of the finished product. Therefore, we often use the draw bar to set the shape in many aspects.

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